New 5v5 Space Battle Startrail Destiny Teaser, Info Released

For years, humans have been enraptured by stars and planets. Travian Games, a studio from Munich, Germany, has harnessed that fascination, and used it to create a backdrop for their new game, Startrail Destiny. They’ve decided to call it “A Space Battle Odyssey.”

In the game’s story, the “Startrail” has become a sort of channel through space, allowing large, well-equipped “motherships” to explore and colonize new planets. However, no one has yet reached the end of it. Ships from all over are waging brutal space battles, in a mad dash to become the first to see the far reaches of the stars, and to gain control of the resources there.

Startrail Destiny puts each player at the helm of their own spaceship, organized into squads of five. Players can customize their own ships, down to fine details and features. This could allow them to specialize in a few skills, or become a more even, well-rounded attacker.

This customization can potentially allow players to team up for strategy, and coordinate their ships accordingly. Depending on how detailed the options are, teams could create a range of strategies, and employ them at will. This type of mechanic makes Startrail Destiny particularly appealing to players that enjoy competitive team games. It has all the makings of a good eSport, and we may just see it there in the future.

The CEO of Travian Games, Lars Janssen, said this.

“With 4Sight and Startrail Destiny we are continuing to pursue a new, exciting direction for Travian Games. We hope the community will like the new direction we are taking. We have no doubt they will enjoy both new games, as they embody the same exciting mix of tactical and competitive player-versus-player gameplay we feature in our existing line-up of strategy titles. As Travian Games, we are confident in the quality our partner studios will bring to the table. This is just the beginning; our fans can expect more new games to be announced very soon.”

At this time of writing, Startrail Destiny is due to be released in 2019. If you’re interested in receiving more information about Startrail Destiny, visit the game’s website, here, and sign up for their mailing list. For more games by Travian, visit their company website,

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