Double Stallion’s latest game is Speed Brawl, a 2D combat-racer with an emphasis on momentum and fast-paced combat. This title can be played either solo or with another player. Seeing the game in action definitely showcases the studio’s previous works, which contained classic beat’em up mechanics. Though in Speed Brawl, it looks the dials for speed and action were cranked up a notch or two. 

In Speed Brawl, you’ll be maneuvring through a dystopic, Victorian England at a break-neck pace. Momentum is a priority here and is also a key component within the gameplay. Poles that appear throughout a stage can be utilized by latching on and propelling yourself off of, thus retaining your momentum and speed. Some attacks seem to assist your speed/momentum too by sending you in various directions. Even your basic tools for mobility add to the overall speed factor by allowing for running up walls and double jumping around the environment.

Speed Brawl's gameplay places emphasis on movement.

Notice the poles positioned all about the stage?

The combat is another invaluable asset that will aid you as vicious enemies aim to halt your progression. Attacks can be launched either on the ground or while airborne. And from the look of things, an attack can fluidly transition back into your movement. So feel free to brutalize baddies with quick, successive combos; you should be able to keep your movement speed intact and dispatch foes simultaneously. Tag-assists exist alongside your other offensive tools and momentarily call in a partner character into the fray. Last, but, not least, your toolkit is topped off with a possible “super” mechanic that unleashes a powerful attack on enemies 

Speed Brawl multiplayer match.

A multiplayer match where a possible “super” move has been unleashed.

Speed Brawl bares a cartoonish art style which drapes the characters and stages in a striking aesthetic. Hitsparks flare off of attacks and a colorful streak trails behinds your character in a flowing wisp. There’s a lot to feast your eyes on with the visuals and effects on display

Speed Brawl's unique visuals.

Speed Brawl’s visuals are quite the scene.

Speed Brawl will be coming soon this summer to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Check out the official website or follow the game on Twitter if you’d like to keep updated on the upcoming title.

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