The Support From NYXL Wins It!

Today the Overwatch League kicked off it’s first ever playoffs.  The first quarter final matches between the Philadelphia Fusion & Boston Uprising and London Spitfire & Los Angeles Gladiators.  These are only the first matches for these teams who will continue their fights later this week.  Between these matches however, it was finally time to find out who the season MVP was.  

Fans will remember that they could vote through twitter with the #OWLMVP for their choice.  The fan vote made up 25% of the decision with the league casters and staff decision making up the other 75%.  The counts were in and the winner wasn’t a big surprise.  

The revel began with a video that clued people in piece by piece.  First the NYXL jerseys were visible, giving us the team.  Then the audio talked about doing damage, narrowing to down to three main possibilities.  Then the now famous line, ‘he’s the 3rd DPS’, and there was no doubt.  Sung-hyeon Bang, better known as JJoNak, is the first Overwatch League Season MVP.

JJoNak Is The Overwatch League Season One MVP 2

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Despite his own comments, this is an award that has been well earned.  JJoNak has redefined the role of flex support and Zenyatta in the game.  Not just in the Overwatch League, but in competitive Overwatch itself.  He truly was the 3rd DPS of the best team in the league.  He was surrounded by top-tier talent but his skill in the support role still shone through.  So effective was he that the best success any team had against the NYXL was only when they could shut him down.  

Congratulations JJoNak, this award is well deserved.  You are an inspiration to everyone on the ladder, especially us support players.  Look for this champion in all of the upcoming Overwatch competitions.  He’ll play a big part in the OWL Playoffs, the All-Star Game, and World Cup.  

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