How To Craft Recipes In Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest has recently taken the ‘Nintendo Switch’ by storm. It provides hours of entertainment in the form of a free to play quest based grind it out game. Players are dropped into ‘Tumblecube Island’ a box like a world containing the original 151 Pokemon. Here, players need to craft with berries and minerals to attract more Pokemon. Once obtained, the Pokemon must be trained and taken out for expeditions. During expeditions, players explore different dungeon-like areas where they gain resources on completion. There is 10 type themed dungeons that must be completed before unlocking a final boss area with a fight against ‘Mewtwo’. This guide will focus on the in-depth mechanics of recipe crafting.


There are 18 different recipes that can be crafted in Pokemon Quest. Each recipe requires a unique combination that has different variations. An example of this is to make the ‘Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube’, which attracts water types, “A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue” fits the description. Without knowing the proper terminology these recipes get tricky. The terminology is as follows:

“A whole lot” = 4

“A lot” = 3

“A few” = 2

“A little” = 1


There are 10 different ingredients in Pokemon Quest. These ingredients are found from recycling power stones or from expeditions. Excluding, ‘Rainbow Matter’ and ‘Rainbow Shell’, each ingredient is either more common or less common depending on the biome. ‘Rainbow Matter’ is used as a substitute for any other ingredient that you might not have at the time. ‘Rainbow Shells’ are used to attract legendary Pokemon. The rest of the ingredients are as follows:

‘Tiny mushrooms’ are “Red, soft, and small”

‘Big Roots’ are “Big, red, soft, precious, and plants”

‘Bluk Berries’ are “Blue, soft, small, and sweet”

‘Icy Rocks’ are “Blue, hard, precious, and minerals”

‘Apricorns’ are yellow, hard, small, and plants.

‘Honey’ is “Yellow, soft, precious, and sweet”

‘Fossils’ are “Grey, hard, small, and minerals”

‘Balm Mushrooms’ are “Grey, soft, precious, and mushrooms”


A pot is needed to cook these ingredients. Pots have different rankings starting with stone and working up to gold. In each pot there is five slots to put ingredients in. In a stone pot you must put three of each ingredient in a slot for a total of 15 ingredients used. However, in a gold pot 20 ingredients must be put per slot for a total of 100 ingredients. This is because a better pot is likely to attract more and higher level Pokemon. The recipe combinations are as follows:

‘Mulligan Stew a la Cube’ (Anything)

  • Note: Five ‘Rainbow Matter’ will give you this recipe

‘Red Stew a la Cube’ (At least 4 red ingredients) – Attracts reddish Pokemon

‘Blue Soda a la Cube’ (At least 4 blue ingredients) – Attracts blueish Pokemon

‘Yellow Curry a la Cube’ (At least 4 yellow ingredients) – Attracts yellowish Pokemon

‘Gray Porridge a la Cube’ (At least 4 grey ingredients) – Attracts greyish Pokemon

‘Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube’ (“A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue”) – Attracts Water Pokemon

‘Plain Crepe a la Cube’ (“A lot of sweet things and a few grey”) – Attracts Normal Pokemon

‘Sludge Soup a la Cube’ (“A whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of soft things”) – Attracts Poison Pokemon

‘Mud Pie a la Cube’ (“A few minerals and a lot of soft things”) – Attracts Ground Pokemon

‘Veggie Smoothie a la Cube’ (“A whole lot of plants and a few soft things”) – Attracts Grass Pokemon

‘Honey Nectar a la Cube’ (“A whole lot of sweet things and a lot of yellow”) – Attracts Bug Pokemon

‘Brain Food a la Cube’ (“A lot of sweet things and a few hard things”) – Attracts Psychic Pokemon

‘Stone Soup a la Cube’ (“A whole lot of hard things and a few minerals”) – Attracts Rock Pokemon

‘Light-as-Air Casserole a la Cube’ (“A lot of minerals and a few plants”) – Attracts Flying Pokemon

‘Hot Pot a la Cube’ (“A lot of mushrooms and a little red”) – Attracts Fire Pokemon

‘Watt a Risotto a la Cube’ (“A whole lot of soft things and a lot of yellow”) – Attracts Electric Pokemon

‘Get Swole Syrup a la Cube’ (“A lot of sweet things and a few mushrooms”) – Attracts Fighting Pokemon

‘Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube’ (“A whole lot of mystical things”) – Attracts Extremely Rare Pokemon

  • Note: The ‘Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube’ does not follow the terminology. Five mystic shells is needed to create ‘Mewtwo’ and three is needed to attract the legendary birds. ‘Articuno’ ‘Zapdos’ and ‘Moltres’

As your recipe braises, a number will be shown above the pot it is in. This number represents how many expeditions must take place before your creation is ready. The number varies between two and six based on the rarity of the Pokemon it is likely to attract. Two being a common, six being a special.

As the game was released a post on Reddit made by user ‘Andrewmaxedon‘ was created where players would post their combinations of what worked and what didn’t work. The thread can be found: HERE

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