Rumors had been flying for over a week about the potential reveal of the next core Pokemon title. Well, we didn’t get that (but it IS coming in 2019!), however, we did get the reveal of Pokemon Let’s Go. This title is a mix of the original Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon GO, mixed in with some Switch graphics and motion controls.

The game is definitely going to be unique, as Game Freak wanted to mix these two popular franchises and bring forth something new and special. And apparently, they’re banking on it being a mega-hit. For as notes, an email was sent out from Nintendo of Europe telling French retailers that at launch alone, the game would have 600,000 copies of the game on the shelves. That’s 300,000 for each game. And that’s just France!

In comparison, Super Mario Odyssey (the best-selling game on Nintendo Switch) had only 350,000 copies available in France at launch. So this tells us that Pokemon Let’s Go could have the best launch sales of any Nintendo Switch game so far.

Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see if that holds up, but given the popularity of Pokemon and Pokemon GO, plus the uncertainty that is the back half of 2018 for the Switch, and it’s definitely got potential.

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