Time is not always on our side, and for NBC’s historical drama Timeless, it looks like time is finally up. NBC has cancelled the show for a second time.

The show was cancelled after its first season, but fan outcry and rallying convinced NBC to give the show one more season. That season has now come and gone, and NBC has decided to cancel the show for good. Taking a page out of the Sense8 handbook, the show is in talks to have a two-hour movie series finale in order to wrap up the cliffhangers established in season 2, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

Timeless was also embroiled in a legal battle with Onza Entertainment, which produce the highly popular Spanish drama El Ministerio del Tiempo (translated as “The Ministry of Time”). The Spanish show also features a team of three time-travalers who have to go back in time in order to fix issues. The dispute was settled out of court in mid-2017, but it looks like in the end it didn’t matter. It isn’t the first time NBC has looked to Spain for inspiration, adapting the popular Los misterios de Laura into the also cancelled-after-two-seasons The Mysteries of Laura.

While it was a poor ripoff of a much better show (yes, I am a Ministerio del Tiempo fan, and yes, I am super biased in that regard), it is always tough when a show that means a lot of its fans is forced off the air. Hopefully, the movie will come through and fans will get a chance to say goodbye to the character they’ve come to love. And hey, El Ministerio del Tiempo is also on Netflix if you need more that sweet, sweet time travel drama.

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