“Sense8” Gets Two-Hour Series Finale Post Cancellation

Many fans were heartbroken to hear that one of Netflix’s most inclusive and well-written shows, Sense8was cancelled after its second season due to poor numbers. Those who watched Season 2 knew that it had ended on a major cliffhanger that seemed like it would never resolve. People were not happy – petitions were circulated, angry tweets were let loose, and Netflix’s suggestion box was flooded. And after much outcry, Netflix has agreed to produce a two-hour series finale to bring the show to a satisfying resolution.

Netflix released an announcement video earlier today about the finale to reassure fans (and possibly stop all the hate mail) that their beloved series would be coming back:


While creator Lana Wachowski wrote a heartfelt letter to the fans of the show to let them know of the good, but ultimately not great, news of the finale:

Even though many were hoping for a full season 3, considering so many shows are cancelled without having the benefit of having time to wrap up, it’s a gift horse we should not inspect too closely. While a two-hour finale is not enough to bring all the plot lines to a satisfying end, it’s enough for some closure. The biggest question is what is going to happen with the Whispers plot about the massive organization trying to kill all the sensates for…reasons. However, mostly fans will want to know if Sun’s name is finally cleared and if Kala and Wolfgang will finally, finally get together. 

No news yet as to when said finale will premiere on the streaming service, but considering how soon this announcement came out after the news, there probably isn’t even a script yet. Likely, we’ll get it in late 2018 or 2019 once they get the cast back together to film across the world for the last time. 

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