UPDATE: At the Microsoft E3 conference, it was announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be coming to Xbox One! The announcement trailer showcased the Frozen level of the game.

UPDATE 2: A Collectors Edition, available exclusively on the Square-Enix store (For now) featuring a collectors pin, figures of Sora, Goofy & Donald in their Toy Story forms, a Steelbook case, and Artbook was also revealed. You can read more about that in our news post here.

UPDATE 3: Sony showed gameplay of the Pirates of the Caribbean level for Kingdom Hearts III

One of the biggest titles coming out of Square-Enix has had fans waiting for what seemed like an eternity; however, it was finally confirmed the Kingdom Hearts III will be launching on January 29, 2019. The game will launch on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. 

While we are unsure if this was intentional or not, the official Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts III, without warning, posted the release information. With Square-Enix returning to E3 for the first time in three years, you would think they would have saved that as one of their big reveals during their press conference. 

Regardless, the release date has been met with some skepticism and criticism since Tetsuya Nomura stated previously that the game would launch this year; however, this is the world of game design and things happen which cause delays. We did receive an announcement last month that the final release date would be revealed soon so Square-Enix did keep their promise on that one. The fact that they have set a concrete release date means that they are fully confident that a complete and polished game can and will launch on that date. 

Still, accidental leak or not, it would have been nice to hear this announcement live during a press conference.