As revealed during the Nintendo E3 press conference, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will feature classic characters, some new characters, and some “Echo” characters. But, as the Smash 4 games proved, every character put into the game has gotten an Amiibo. So…will the new characters get them?

During the first segment of the Nintendo Treehouse event, Bill Trinnen and Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the three confirmed new characters for the game, Inkling, Ridley, and Daisy, will be getting new special Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo.

The Ridley model is especially impressive and is the first time Ridley has been rendered in this way. And getting a new Inkling Amiibo is always a plus.

All previous Amiibo figures will work in the game, even if they’re not in the Smash Bros line. And with every character ever being in the game, you have to wonder if more figurines for characters that didn’t get them before will be coming. Such as Ice Climbers, Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, and more.

Smash Bros Ultimate arrives December 7th.