Coming into the Nintendo E3 Direct, everyone knew that Smash Bros would be a big feature, however, it wasn’t clear just how much would be shown. Turns out, they would dedicate about 20 minutes to the game, and they revealed that the game is officially called Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And the Ultimate tag is very appropriate, as it will feature EVERY. CHARACTER. EVER!!!

That’s right, every character that has ever been in the Smash Bros, regardless of how they arrived, will be in here. So characters like Pichu, Solid Snake, all the DLC characters from Smash 4, Ice Climbers, Pokemon Trainer, and more are back.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will also feature many improvements to many different characters. Including several new final smashes, techniques, and more. Also in the game, there will be new Assist Trophies like Bomberman and the Squid Sisters, new stages like the Great Plateau Tower, and new techniques to master for all characters.

Masahiro Sakurai noted that the primary goal of the team was to make all the previous characters playable, as such, there won’t be as many new characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, one much-desired one was added…RIDLEY!

The game will arrive on December 7th, ending the Switch’s year in style. Let us know what you think of the reveal in the comments below!