E3 2018 – Madden NFL 19 Returns to PC ;Origin Access Premiere; FIFA 19 Release Date

It has been a decade since a Madden NFL entry has made its presence known on the PC, much to the dismay of PC users for quite a while. However, EA has put an end to that with the introduction to Origin Access Premiere, their cloud-based game service to debut later this summer, made during the EA Play conference to kick off E3 2018

With Madden NFL 19 making its debut on August 7th, this means that on or around that date, Origin Access Premiere will make its debut.

In additional news, FIFA 19 will be released on September 28th, bringing UEFA Champions League content to Origin, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This comes off the heels of the end of the relationship Konami had with the UEFA Champions League for Pro Evolution Soccer.

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