E3 2018: Ghost Of Tsushima Shows Off It’s Swordplay

During Sony Press Conference , they showed off the first gameplay for Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima .

Trailer shows off the main character Jin, trekking through the battle ground of the Otsuna grasslands. It shows off the landscape and draw distance of the field and dynamic lighting of the weather. We see him then heading off to the woods until encountering villagers  who escaped from Mongol soldiers. Here we see the swordplay in action. Naturally, the flash blade to begin the fight is a must. Combat seems to be somewhat simple and clunky to some members of here on the OuterHaven. Personally, it didn’t seem to bad in terms of performance. Though this is subject to change down the line.  We also get to see another character, an archer named Masako.

She tells of a monk that is captured in an abandoned temple.  Here we then see climbing and verticality that is reminiscent of Sucker Punches’ previous titles. Then the takedown of enemies is similar to the takedown mechanic in the recent Batman games. Finally, we Misako attempt to kill the monk as the monk betrayed her family. Jin tried to reason her not to fight among ourselves, but she would not listen. We then see a fight between the two under autumn leaves and a barrage of arrows at the end.

We still don’t have a release date for this game, but it seems to be shaping well for Sucker Punch.

Ghost of Tsushima is currently in development.


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