E3 2018: Do you have Battletoads? YES! Xbox Does!

Announced earlier tonight at the Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference, Battletoads is getting a brand new game coming exclusively to Xbox One sometime in 2019.

The trailer, which you can see yourself below, shows very little of what is going on; using a comic book style narration to describe what is happening. The only images we get to see are of the annoying walls from that one race scene that not many people enjoy, let alone beat; and a tongue from one of the Toads themselves pulling things across the screen.

Battletoads will feature some of the following:

  • Body Morphing Genre Mash-Ups
  • 3 Player Couch Co-Op
  • 4K Hand-Drawn 2.5D Graphics
  • And “Broad Non-Specific Feature Declarations!”

Obviously that last line is a joke about developers making broad statements about something that is yet to actually be implemented into the game, so it’s good to see that the humor is still going to be there.

Battletoads, a collaboration between Rare & DLaLa Studios, will be released sometime in 2019… So go into your local Gamestop or EB Games and ask them if they have Battletoads, because the answer will finally be YES!

All we ask from Rare & DLaLa Studios is that we get a GOOD remix of that pause screen music!

For more coverage of Battletoads, along with other announcements from E3 2018, make sure to check back on The Outerhaven E3 Hub all event long.