Season 7 of ‘The Venture Bros.’ is Coming this Summer

Adult Swim’s beloved animated series The Venture Bros. will return for its seventh season, and this return will be sooner than expected. In an interview with Chris Prynoski, the president of the Titmouse production company, Forbes confirms that fans can expect more Venture Bros. in the coming months. The article concludes, “And as to rumors of a highly-anticipated return of The Venture Bros.? Team Titmouse was tight-lipped in the interview, but Adult Swim has confirmed the new season will be out this summer.”

This comes as a welcome surprise for fans. Last fall, a bump aired on Adult Swim confirming that the show was not canceled, but stated season seven is over a year away. No concrete release date was provided in the Forbes interview, but fans know that they can expect new episodes this summer instead of in the fall, as initially announced. 

The return will mark two years since the end of season six, which aired in March of 2016. Still, fans of the animated series are certainly accustomed long waits. Two years between seasons is typical for The Venture Bros., and sometimes even waits of three years. Fans can now breathe a sigh of relief that more episodes are on their way, and can be expected soon.

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