New Meta, Who Dis?

Man oh man, did the new meta hit the league like a steam locomotive.  All across the league teams are reeling from the impact that Brigitte and, more importantly, the teams that have adapted to the meta.  Houston and Philadelphia are the poster children right now for the best way to integrate the new hero and the changes they bring.  That said, it’s only week two.  Each team has eight more games to play before stage finals and playoffs.  



Dallas Fuel Sign Aaron “Aero” Atkins as Head Coach

For those following Overwatch Contenders the name Aero is nothing new.  His contenders team, Fusion University, went undefeated in the first season of Overwatch Contenders before going on to win the North American Championship in that league.  With 12 former players of his already in the league, it’s no surprise that the Fuel reached out to him.  

The most exciting thing about this signing is the example it sets.  Overwatch Contenders and the path to pro is designed as a platform for players to get noticed and move up to the league.  Aero moving up shows that the same path to pro system can work for talented coaches as well.  With more expansion teams (probably) on the way Aero might not be the only coach moving up.  

Sado Suspension Ends

All the way back in December we talked about the 30 game suspension that the Fusion tank player  Su-Min “Sado” Kim had receved for account boosting.  The suspension has ended and Sado finds himself back on the active Philly roster.  He’s also crushing it.  The tank player was dominate in his games against Boston and Florida this past week, and that ‘s a trend that looks to continue.  


VOD of the Week

Boston Uprising (22-10) vs. Philadelphia Fusion (20-12)

Sado came smashing in this week.  With him on the roster Philly practically spawn camped the Mayhem in their match up.  Boston didn’t do much better against them, losing this match 3-1 as the Fusion ran a clinic on how to play tank in the new meta.  On the other side of the field Boston had noting but problems this week.  The team was red hot last stage, but so far hasn’t lived up to it.  To ee just what the problem is you need to take a close look at both their games this week, but especially this one.  


Series of the Week

Seoul Dynasty (19-13) vs. London Spitfire (20-12)

After two losses last week and knowledge of where they sit on the table both of these teams have to be a bit nervous.  Seoul has lost their number one seed in the Pacific Division to LA.  London, though still in third, has talented and hungry teams like Philly nipping at their heels.  Both teams are going to want every win they can get and their showdown on Saturday promises to be a good one.  

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