Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’ Will Have PSVR Support

Just when it seems Media Molecule’s Dreams has disappeared, new information surfaces about the ambitious, “game creation engine”. The developers are showing off a new 45-minute demo, about which the PlayStation Blog wrote today. The piece explores some of the game’s features, and finally confirms once and for all that the title will have PlayStation VR support. 

It’s now becoming a little clearer what Media Molecule is setting out to do with Dreams. When it was revealed back in 2013, the amorphous title was discussed as a follow-up to Little Big Planet, at its core being a creation tool. Dreams allows you to create your own games and experiences, play a campaign, or go “Dream Surfing”, where you explore sequences that other players have made. 

The article includes a few gifs, one of which browses the available creation tools. The amount of choices is pretty impressive – the distinction is made between game sequences, stories, “dreams”, and a variety of other features, including a music creation tool. Players can create music from a library of pre-recorded instruments, or record their own sounds and import them into the game. 

The takeaway is that Media Molecule is committing to Dreams being a fully-fledged game creation tool. While the game will have to be experienced in order to truly understand what it’s capable of, the more information that is revealed, the better and more ambitious the game looks. There is no confirmed release date yet, but a beta is on its way in 2018.