Fortnight: Season 4 Begins – Full Patch Notes & More.

The game’s latest update marks the launch of Season 4, which brings Superhero-based skins and themes to the fray, and ends weeks of speculation as to where exactly the comet would crash-land. Players had been littered with smaller meteorites in matches leading up to this launch, with matches spectacularly bombarding players from the sky.

The long-anticipated comet that has hung in the sky over Fortnite’s Battle Royale map has finally crash-landed, and to the shock of all conspiracy theorists it has NOT taken out Tilted Towers, but instead left a smoking crater where Dusty Depot once stood. Now known as ‘Dusty Divot’, the zone is abundant with new items known as ‘Hop Rocks’; which allow your player character to defy gravity! You can find these in what used to be Dusty Depot, though expect some serious hostility as everyone floods it to gain superpowers.


The Full Patch notes for this update can be found via the Official Fortnight Forums Here.