Sad news for fans of the hit comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine as word of its cancellation has come directly from Fox. The show had just finished airing its fifth season.

brooklyn nine-nine

Within hours of the announcement, the show was the number one trending topic on Twitter and was mentioned by thousands of fans mourning the loss if the witty comedy. Many of these were calls for Hulu or Netflix to pick up the series, or any other network for that matter. The disheartened fanbase is looking for any avenue for their favorite show to be continued, and people have been pleading to see more of Jake Peralta and his team in action since the announcement was made.

Nine-Nine featured a diverse cast of genuinely funny characters, each of whom had their own nuances which made them so cohesively appealing to see on screen. The show also tackled incredibly relevant topics such as homophobia in the police force, racial bias and profiling, and bisexuality, among a plethora of others. Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, and Terry Crews were just three members of a talented cast who truly brought the show and its unique brand of comedy to life.

As clearly displayed by the outpour of support from fans and celebrities alike, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be dearly missed. Unless another network sees potential in reviving the comedy, it seems the most recent season was indeed the department’s swan song.

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