Spider-Man’s Iron Spider Suit From MCU Will Be In The Upcoming Spider-Man Game

While this was leaked a while ago, yesterday’s announcement of the Iron Spider suit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe made it official. This suit, which is a huge technological upgrade to Spidey’s current suit was first shown in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Which is the same suit that Spider-Man will don during Marvel’s Avenger’s: Infinity War.

Now, while I’m happy to see that this suit is being added. This is NOT the same suit that I adore. Which happens to be the one that Tony Stark built for Spider-Man during the first Civil War arc. That suit also dubbed the Iron Spider, gave Spidey 4 limbs and several other new abilities.

The original Iron Spider Suit - Marvel Comics

The original Iron Spider Suit first appearance in Civil War- Marvel Comics

While I’m hoping for a glimpse of some of the original Iron Spider’s features showing up in the upcoming movie, I’m not holding my breath. Sorry, I’m just not a fan of the MCU version. Yet at the same time, I’ll admit that the OG suit likely wouldn’t fit in the MCU universe. Hell, every iconic suit has seen some sort of upgrade in the MCU, for better or worse. Plus I’m sure they don’t want Iron Man’s color scheme all over Spidey. Seriously, I don’t even know why Peter didn’t give that thing a paint job. I mean look at what War Machine, er… Iron Patriot did.

Spider-Man is set to be released September 7, 2018, and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title.

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