Shovel Knight has proven that with enough care and attention any old-school game can make a big impact on the modern gaming world. Since its launch, the game has been ported to many platforms, including all main consoles, PC, and the Nintendo 3DS. Now though, the game has crossed a major milestone in 2 million copies sold.

This was revealed by developer Yacht Club Games, who made a lengthy post about how well the game has done since launch. But what might surprise you though is just how well the Nintendo Switch version of the game has done. In just about a year (the sales chart calculated sales to March 1st), the Switch version sold 370,000 units. Which isn’t bad for a several-year-old game. What’s more, that amount allowed it to be the 10th highest selling Nintendo Switch indie game.

But wait, there’s more, those sales made it the third-highest performing version of the game, behind only the PC and 3DS versions of the title believe it or not. And finally, the version was the one that made the most revenue for Yacht Club Games.

This just continues to prove how the Switch is making indie games an item worth buying, and congrats to Yacht Club for their success.

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