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Outerhaven Overwatch League Weekly, Stage 3 Week 2

It’s Already week two of stage three and while some teams are right where we expected them to be (NYXL, Los Angeles Valiant) some are not (London, Dynasty).  There’s still plenty of time and plenty of matches left in the season though.  Let’s get right to it.   


DreamKazper Terminated from Boston Uprising

Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez who until recently was a star DPS player for the Boston Uprising has had his contract terminated.  This comes in the wake of allegations against the player. Though the Sanchez has been terminated by the team there has been no official statement from the league regarding his termination. 


Overwatch League All-Access Pass

Fans have been asking for additional views of the matches since before the start of the league.  Now the Overwatch League and Twitch look to deliver.

The Overwatch league all-access pass will give fans a great deal of additional content including, “the Overwatch League Command Center: a second-screen match-day livestream, featuring alternate in-game camera angles, backstage cameras, player POVs, and real-time stats.”  Also included are extra VODS, and access to the post game AMA.  These three parts of the pass will be avaible free until May 15th.

For Twitch fans there are 23 global twitch emotes, a global chat badge, a subscription icon, a subscriber-only Twitch chat room , and most importantly; ad-free Overwatch league.  In game content includes three Overwatch league skins (Soldier 76, McCree, and Moira), a league spray, and an icon.  

The pass is $29.00 or $19.00 if you have twitch prime and get it by the end of today.  For more info you can check out the official announcement.   


VOD of the Week

Philadelphia Fusion (14-8) vs. Boston Uprising (14-8)

The Uprising have been on a tear lately.  They are undefeated in this stage and after two stages of landing just outside the finals they look to finally be able to compete for the top slot.  The Fusion on the other hand WERE just in the stage finals.  They were mere team-fights away from taking to the stage two final and have looked just as strong since.   This game last week went to five maps and each one is hard fought.  It’s certainly one where you can learn more about the game by watching.  


Series of the Week

Boston Uprising (14-8) vs. NYXL (20-2)

Now comes the real test.  Boston is the up and coming team right now with a 2-0 record in this stage.  This combines with a not too shabby 14-8 record for the season to put them in a good position as we start looking at the playoffs.  They had commanding victories over both Philly and Houston last week, both strong teams, but now the real challeange starts.   

NYXL crushed they’re biggest rivals, the London Spitfire, last week 4-0.  The stage two champs look the best they have all season right now.  With top tier play across the roster they already look to take stage three as well.  This won’t make the job any easier for Boston, but it does make a win (if they can get it) that much more impactful.