Update: DreamKazper’s Contract Has Been Terminated, He Has Been Released From The Boston Uprising

Boston DPS Player Has Been Released From The Boston Uprising

Update: The Boston Uprising has terminated DreamKazper’s contract.

The latest suspension in the Overwatch League may also be the most serious.  The Boston Uprising twitter announced in a statement Sunday that Johnathan ‘DreamKazper’ Sanchez has been suspended from the team indefinitely.  The suspension comes after allegations made against the player involving their conduct with an underage fan.  The concise statement stressed that the team was taking the allegations seriously.  

Minutes later the Overwatch League tweeted out a similar comment echoing the indefinite suspension. 

The allegations refer to a post and accompanying screenshots.  The post states that DreamKazper used his position as a player to coerce a 14-year old fan into “sending him nude pictures and engaging in explicit facetime activities.”  

Both the Uprisings statement and the leagues tweet make it clear that an investigation will be taking place.  Historically the Overwatch League has made a statement on the official site regarding infractions.   This was most recently the case with Philadelphia Fusion player Josue ‘Eqo’ Corona.  It’s likely that as the Boston Uprising and Overwatch League investigate these allegations an official statement will be made from both organizations.  

DreamKazper has been in the spotlight lately in the league.   The DPS player for Boston has been a key part of the New England teams’ success.  Following wins last week against Philadelphia and Houston the Uprising are currently ranked third in the stage and fourth overall.