A few weeks ago, word got out that Pokemon Go, Niantic’s hit mobile game, would be getting a quest system. When the game first released, it took the world by storm. But lacking little to do at the time other than collect the cute critters, the fan-base dwindled. However, the game saw new life with the release of raids, extra tough Pokemon battles requiring players to coordinate together in real life. And now, right as this feature starts to grow stale with Niantic exhausting most of their list of Legendary Pokemon, they’ve shown another trick up their sleeve. Niantic has announced a quest system that looks like it’ll be the biggest thing to hit the game since raids. 

In the new system, players will have the chance to complete daily challenges. These include such tasks as spinning a certain amount of PokeStops or winning a certain number of battles. Each challenge comes with its own rewards. After achieving seven of these in a row, they’ll get extra rewards in the form of rare items. Most appealingly, however, is that they’ll get the chance to capture Mew, a Mythic Pokemon. 

Let’s go over this system, shall we? The new quest line is called “Research.” In completing challenges, players can conduct two types of Research, Field and Special. From the looks of it, Field Research will provide items. If a player completes seven daily field research challenges, they’ll receive stardust, rare items, and a rare Pokemon. 

Special research is where things get interesting, as a new type of Pokemon enters the game. Similarly to field research, special research involves completing daily challenges for rewards. However, the ultimate reward at the end of the quest appears to be a chance to capture Mew. A few things may be inferred from this. One, it appears this is how Niantic plans to introduce mythic Pokemon. While Legendary Pokemon made their debut last summer, players have yet to encounter Mythic Pokemon. Several remain unreleased, including Celebi and Deoxys, so it appears that they’ll appear in the game through this new system. Two, it looks like these Special Research quests have more story elements to them. Just as this first one revolves around Mew, others may introduce stories about the aforementioned Mythic Pokemon. These observations are conjectures, and while they seem likely, Niantic has yet to reveal more information. 

While the exact way to obtain Mew is still a mystery, the quest systems will certainly shake things up. Showcasing the chance to get various resources key to the game, such as rare candy and stardust, they should greatly improve the game. This new system will arrive in the game later this week. 

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