Indie developer Night School, known for their debut title Oxenfree, have released a trailer for their upcoming and highly anticipated game Afterparty. The game, which is slated for release in 2019, features lifelong friends Milo and Lola who set out on an epic drinking bender to literally out-drink Satan himself in order to gain re-entry back to the mortal plane.


Clocking in at just over a minute long, the trailer introduces the audience to the protagonists’ initial plan to knock back more drinks than the lord of the underworld, as well as the dialogue mechanics the game boasts. In the similar vein as their previous title it appears as though players will have a multitude of meaningful avenues to take during conversation, opening up a potentially wide array of plot points. If the trailer is any indication of Night School’s directional intentions with Afterparty it seems that they’ve taken a much more jovial and comedic tone this time around. Only time will tell how this tonal shift will play out as the developers clue us in to more details about the game, but the techno beat adorned, witty trailer is promising in its own right. Check it out for yourself down below, and for more information on the title visit the game’s official website.