Marvel announces Wedding of the Century between two legacy characters

With the wedding of Bruce Wayne and Salina Kyle, aka Batman and Catwoman, coming in July; Marvel countered with the announcement of two characters getting married too: Katherine Anne “Kitty” Pryde (aka Shadowcat) and Pyotr “Peter” Nikolayevich Rasputin(aka Colossus) from the X-Men series.

Colossus and Kitty Pryde are getting married later this year in X-Men Gold #30 by Marc Guggenheim and Paolo Siqueira. It was announced last November that someone would be getting married this June in what Marvel is calling “The Wedding of the Century” but now we have confirmation that it is in fact Kitty and Piotr. Marvel confirmed the happy news in a YouTube save-the-date, asking readers to keep June 2018 free to celebrate the union between the two fan-favorite mutants.

Things began innocently enough back in August, when Colossus asked Kitty to marry him… With her response being one that every man in that situation would hate to hear: “Can I think about it?”.

After having a long think about it. Kitty proposed to Piotr in X-Men Gold #20 after a dangerous outing in The Negative Zone nearly led to his death. The couple have had a very rocky road to the altar, oftentimes one or both of them would be with someone else, or dead, or sometimes both.

So after all this time, with no actual answer to Piotr’s original proposal, Kitty has “flipped the script” and has no proposed to Piotr… Very typical of current Marvel writing practices where men are being relegated to lesser roles and in some cases, losing their whole name. But it’s current year Marvel and that’s what they want to do.

While the path to wedded bliss seems clear, superhero weddings are usually never without drama and the news that two of the most well-known X-Men are about to wed is likely to bring all sorts of bad guys running to the Xavier Institute For Mutant Outreach in order to spoil the happy couple’s big day. While June seems quite soon, a few issues of wedding preparation between now and then, so there’s plenty of time to get caught up and prepare for The Counter Wedding of the Century… Because let’s face it, Batman marrying Catwoman is the much bigger deal.