Xbox Vice President Issues Challenge to Sea of Thieves Players

Sea of Thieves has been quite the mixed bag when it comes to initial reactions. From cries of “how will Microsoft maintain this game after release,” to “it’s a true pirate game that simulates the experience of piracy perfectly,” Microsoft’s newest game sure has quite the hill to climb. That, fortunately, isn’t stopping Microsoft’s Vice President of Gaming, Mike Ybarra, from trying to drum up interest in the game. Earlier on Sunday, Ybarra went on Twitter to issue a challenge to all of the new pirates on the pirate seas.

This is going to be interesting, to say the least, because there is currently a six-ship limit per Sea of Thieves lobby. This could make finding Ybarra’s ship more difficult than the act of sinking it would. Nonetheless, a full free year of Xbox Live Gold is quite a tempting prize for being able to sink an Xbox executive’s ship. Also, with interest quite high in getting this booty for toppling Ybarra’s ship, you better get on that, PDQ.

Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves is currently available as an Xbox Play Anywhere title. You can also play the game as part of your Xbox Game Pass subscription on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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