Sea of Thieves – Shot of Fuchsia

The Outerhaven Productions presents Shot of Fuchsia. This week…Sea of Thieves.

Ahoy, Mateys! Prepare to set sail with the Bottled Fuchsia crew as they set sail on the high seas. Join Aaron, Nanners, and Jon as they chase chickens, fight skeletons, and of course hunt some treasure. Welcome to Sea of Thieves. The new pirate MMO-lite action adventure game from Rare. In between playing music and drinking grog (which may or may not be the reason the ship went suddenly south) he crew also discusses if they believe it has legs…sea legs? Yarrr… Even if Sea of Thieves feels a bit light on content, it sure is a lot of fun to play. At least for now.

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Sea of Thieves is currently available for the PC and Xbox One, via the Windows Store. Check out the official site here.