Bayonetta’s VA Not Yet Approached to Reprise Role For Bayonetta 3

Hang on! Don’t bring the pitch forks and torches! This could mean that Bayonetta 3 still in the early stages of development and hasn’t got around to  that stage as we know so far.

Few weeks prior, SEGA hosted its Gameblast 2018 24 hour Charity event. During the time, Bayonetta’s voice actor, Hellena Taylor made an appearance to answer questions from the fans.

In regards to Bayonetta 3, she did talked about the game, though not too much. In the segment, she stated that at the current time, she was not asked to reprise her role as of yet. Even if she was asked to reprise her role, she wouldn’t be able to say anything about her involvement due to contract and confidentiality reasons. She does has faith that they will ask her to reprise Bayonetta.

As we are no longer in strike for the voice actors, it’s safe to say that we won’t have a situations like A Life is Strange or Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. As we only just had the announcement teaser trailer not too long ago in December, Bayonetta  3 is likely still in the early stages in development. Voice acting for games usually comes in at the end of the development cycle. So it seems that Bayonetta 3 probably won’t be out till 2019. Hopefully we get more information at this years E3.


Bayonetta 3  is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.


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