Travis Touchdown’s Voice Actor Not Coming Back In Travis Strikes Again?!

Well, this is discouraging. As some you may know, the voice industry is going through a voice actor strike for the better treatment and conditions for our voice actors. Affecting us as customers in which our favorite characters are not voiced consistently by their original voice actors. A recent example of this is the recent game Life is Strange: Before the Storm,  and how due to the state of the industry and strike, Chole’s original voice actor Ashly Burch was not able to reprise her role.

This may affect our favorite Otaku assassin, Travis Touchdown and the recent entry of Suda51’s Travis Strike Back: No More Heroes. Robin Atkin Downes , voice actor for Travis Touchdown, said that he is “extremely disappointed” with the #PeformanceMatters on Twitter.

From this, it appears that Suda51 or Grasshopper Studios has not asked him back to reprise the role.  This can also explain why the voice audio was drowned out in the reveal trailer and to some people’s comments that the voice in the trailer was not Robin Downes. When listening to the trailer, namely the beginning of his appearance, I did notice the inconsistency.

To say the least, this is very disappointing and a disservice to the fans. The voice actors who give voice and soul to the character. They should be given to same treatment as with any other actor in Hollywood or the industry.   When the first trailer for the first game on Wii came to light, it was a chessy dubbing that  you would expect of a B-Rated film. Now after having an official voice and after two games, Robin Downes is Travis Touchdown. To have someone else voice the role of Travis is just a change that I think the fans and myself cannot easily accept after 10 years of the series. 

So if you can, please show your support to the voice actors and voice your opinion that we want consistency in our voice performance and games.


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