As previously reported, PUBG Corp has a new patch that when deployed would remove the ability to Family Share with PUBG. We’re now being told that this patch is being delayed.  Apparently, there is a compatibility issue with this new patch. Therefore, it will be released at a later time. It was originally supposed to be released as of Feb. 5th, 2018.

However, at the official PUBG forums, there was another announcement regarding everyone’s favorite post-processing application, Reshade. While many use Reshade to enhance the looks of their games, the PUGB Corp has stated that it can be also used for cheating. Therefore it has been banned for use in PUBG. And while you won’t be banned if you have it installed on your PC (for other games), you may find that you won’t be able to get online with it installed. 

PC players,

As announced, the new anti-cheat solution that was to be applied today has been delayed.

However, BattlEye, a part of our anti-cheat solution, has blocked ReShade. For you to run the game, you must uninstall ReShade. If the game files are already damaged, you must also reinstall the game.

ReShade not only behaves like a cheat program but can also be used for cheating, and must therefore be blocked. Please be advised that this is a permanent block.

Thank you.

While I can appreciate this, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Reshade being the cause of cheating in a game. I’m sure the community will sound off on this recent change. Especially since after over 1 million players have been banned so far.

Yet the biggest change that has been asked for over and over hasn’t been implemented. That request would be to ban China and Chinese players from other servers. Sadly, it’s been shown that the Chinese have been using cheats more than any other region. As a response to this, gamers have been asking PUBG Corp to ban the region. Something to which has not been done to date.


That said, folks, if you enjoy playing PUBG but hate the cheats. It may be time to invest in an Xbox One if you don’t already have one. Admittedly, PUBG on the Xbox One huge hit in performance (depending on your PC), but it’s free from cheaters. It may be your best bet until PUBG Corp sorts out the rampant PC cheating.

If they can even accomplish that.

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