Arika, the team behind yesteryears Street Fighter EX series and the upcoming Fighting EX Layer, has some news. In two more days, they’ll be putting on a live stream, with some new and important Fighting EX Layer news. 

The stream will take place on their Twitch channel and will be broadcast in both English and Japanese. We aren’t sure what they’ll be announcing, but they claim that it will be some big news. 

I’m hoping they’re going to be announcing some new characters, as well as a release date. After playing with the timed beta during November 17, 2017, I really enjoyed what I played.

Though, I’m a bit curious about the images that the Arika Twitter account has been posting for the past few weeks. In those pictures, we’re seeing people doing what appears to be the Hadoken gesture. You know, that infamous fireball from the Street Fighter series. But Capcom isn’t working on or with Arika, or are they? We’ll find out one way or other and more, this upcoming Tuesday, Feb. 26th. Please be excited, because I know I sure am!

Fighting EX Layer releases for the PlayStation 4 exclusively, sometime in 2018.