Monster Hunter World on Switch? Not Without A Bit of Work

Monster Hunter World has been pretty damn successful on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (despite its issues.) The problem? The Switch community also wants in on the Monster Hunter love. Haruhiro Tsujimoto has an answer to all of that: it would take some work.

In an interview published on Wednesday by Toyo Keizai Online, Tsujimoto, Capcom Japan President and COO, explained to the publication that Monster Hunter World was “built specifically for home consoles and PC” because there are “limits to what portable consoles can display,” and the devs desired to create a game that “went back to the drawing board” with state-of-the-art tech. Tsujimoto also stated that considering “various conditions” in relation to the Nintendo Switch, it would be difficult to port the title onto Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Each [console] has its own characteristics, and our software maker needs to make software adapted to it. How to adapt game titles possessed by our company, including “Monster Hunter”, is to be studied in the future.

  • Haruhiro Tsujimoto, Capcom Japan President/COO

Tsujimoto makes mention of the constant need to catch up with state-of-the-art technology in the future. He states that it’s not the technology itself, but how the game utilizes it to get the best out of it.

With the enhanced port of Monster Hunter Generations,  Monster Hunter XX (read: Double Cross,) has been released in Japan on both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch, and if Switch fans are searching for that Monster Hunter experience should look to learn some Japanese. Why? Capcom has no current plans to release Double Cross outside of Japan, and Monster Hunter World is doing way too well in the West. Here’s hoping for a new title exclusively for Nintendo to be announced in the future…maybe?

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