While we knew that Capcom’s recent attempt to bring Monster Hunter to modern consoles was special. We had no idea that the game was doing as well as Capcom is saying it has been. We’re talking about a total number of worldwide shipments and digital sales surpassing 5 million units. Though, how you can call a digital game a unit is puzzling.

Here’s what Capcom is saying regarding the success of the game.

Monster Hunter: World is the latest entry in the series and is the first new Monster Hunter title for home consoles in nine years. Players step into the role of a researcher, whose team travels to an unexplored, new continent and become hunters. This game offers significant innovations to the series, including seamless transitions between map areas as well as smooth, on-the-fly actions, displayed damage points dealt to monsters, and the ability to join mid-quest when playing online. What’s more, in order to further build upon its fan base both in Japan and in markets overseas, this is the first title in the series to be given a global simultaneous launch. As a result, Monster Hunter: World has shipped five million units, the largest shipment a title in this series has achieved in the first three days following release. Capcom plans to support the sales growth of the title over the long term through a number of free downloadable updates, which will include additional monsters among other content.

Beginning in the spring of 2018 Capcom plans to hold qualifying events in seven areas across Japan leading up to the Monster Hunter: World Kariou Playoffs, which will determine the top hunter in the country. What’s more, Capcom will roll out further cross-industry initiatives to increase long-term brand value and capture an even wider fan base, such as with a Hollywood film adaptation of the series and the Monster Hunter: The Real attraction currently running at Universal Studios Japan.

Capcom remains firmly committed to satisfying the expectations of all users by leveraging its industry-leading game development capabilities in order to create highly entertaining gameplay experiences.

Honestly, Monster Hunter: World is an amazing game. I expected it to be good, but after putting in over 70+ hours, It’s well better than I thought it would be. Tons of monsters to battle, lots of weapons to master. An enjoyable crafting system, and a fun online system (when we’re not waiting for cutscenes). I’m happy to see that the game is doing well, especially since the series was mostly stuck on a handheld system (or PC/Xbox 360 in Japan). Hopefully, this newfound success shows Capcom that Monster Hunter has arrived and is loved at where it should be. On the worldwide stage and not suck in just one place.

C’mon Capcom, we want more Monster Hunter: World. More events, more stuff, more fun. Give it to us!

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