Konami charging for extra character slots in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive, the upcoming horde survival game based in the Metal Gear universe, seems like something no one wants to touch since the game was announced a couple of years back. Since we know that Konami is completely in control of the game as they fired the creator Hideo Kojima. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Konami is going into the “games as a service” space where it comes to screwing over players, but we didn’t expect this.

Metal Gear Survive

What you see in the screenshot above is an in-game currency system called “Survive Coins”, a currency that is used to buy things from in-game boosts, to loot boxes (oh yes, Metal Gear Survive has those too according to reports), to character slots… Yep, we’ve hit peak rip-off. Character slots. If you want to have more than one character to play in Metal gear Survive, then you are going to need to shell out 1000 SV Coins; which you can buy with real money. In order to buy enough SV Coins to purchase a character slot, you need to buy the 1150 SV Coins pack, which retails for… $9.99!

To say that this is a rip-off is an understatement. Konami are already on a lot of people’s shit list for firing Hideo Kojima, a move that cost us Silent Hills, and the move to a more Pachinko based business with exception of the Pro Evolution Soccer video game franchise. Frankly, to see Konami charge $39.99 for Metal Gear Survive while hiding another god knows how much in microtransaction bullshit and DLC Season Pass crap, is insulting to every gamer out there.

Metal Gear Survive

But this time the gaming community is not taking it. Much like the Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco, everyone is jumping on this and reporting it. From heavy hitters like Polygon and IGN, to non-gaming sites like Forbes, to other smaller and medium websites like our and Press-Start, and also internet commentators like Angry Joe in the video above; the gaming community is not letting it go this time… But then you have sites like Kotaku who ignore stuff like this to try and convince you to buy the game instead since they are pretty much bought and paid for these days.

Metal Gear Survive comes out… Who cares! We’re not going to advertise this piece of shit.