Someone sending you nasty emails? Did your cat disappear? Did a Yoshi steal your bike? You need help and you need the best. So who you gonna call? Detective Pikachu, that’s who.

Who did you think I was going to say? Ghostbusters? Those guys capture ghosts, not solve cases.

Nintendo’s pint-sized lightning firecracker in yellow is getting this own game in Detective Pikachu. Releasing March 23, 2018, for the 3DS and 2DS, Pikachu switches up the game and gets his Sherlock Holmes on. Control him as he tracks down clues and attempts to right the wrongs. With your help, and Tim’s, of course. 

Ok, this game sounds really weird, but for some reason, I want to check it out.

  • Trouble in Ryme City! –  Ryme City is a place where people and Pokémon live together. But recently, many friendly Pokémon are behaving oddly for no apparent reason. While Pikachu and his friend Tim search for Tim’s father, Harry, they unwittingly stumble into the mysterious case of the problematic Pokémon. Can they solve the mystery and also find Tim’s father? Cue the dramatic music….
  • The Mysterious Mewtwo –  While many different Pokémon appear in Detective Pikachu, the one who seems to hold the biggest connection to the overall mystery is Mewtwo. How is Mewtwo connected to everything? And why does Mewtwo know Pikachu?
  • A Colorful Cast of Characters –  Many charming characters roam the streets of Ryme City. These include Pablo Millan, owner of Pikachu’s favorite café; Frank Holliday, an inspector at the Ryme City Police Department; and Meiko Okamoto, a camera operator for the local TV studio. Meeting and interrogating all of these characters throughout the game is part of the fun.

But seriously. Why does Pikachu sound like that?

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