It’s no secret that we love Fire Emblem here on the Outerhaven. And so when Fire Emblem Heroes was announced for mobile last year, we were cautiously optimistic for it. We knew what to expect, sure, but we weren’t sure how it would play. Little did we know just how addicting the game was going to be, and we’re grateful for all the fun it has brought us. And now, we can say just how much joy it brought to other people.

For according to Sensor Tower, Fire Emblem Heroes has grossed an insane $300 million (approximately) in its first year of life. $86 million of which came in the first two months.  While this may not put it in the rankings of “highest grossing mobile game ever”, it’s still incredibly impressive. Especially since Fire Emblem had only recently (before its launch) been dubbed a AAA franchise by Nintendo. And even with that title, the fanbase is still growing in many ways. To which, there’s no doubt that Heroes has grown the fanbase.

What’s most impressive though is that it’s far outstripping Nintendo’s other core mobile titles in terms of profit (Pokemon GO doesn’t factor in as Nintendo didn’t make it). It’s made 5 times more than Super Mario Run, and in regards to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, it made far more in its first few months than Animal Crossing has.

So, what does this all mean? Well, it means that Fire Emblem truly is profitable, and when the game arrives on Nintendo Switch this year, it could sell really well.

We’re going to be talking about this at length in the next episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, so stay tuned for that!

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