A while ago when players asked if Code Vein would feature some sort of online co-op. Similar to what we’ve seen in the Soul Series. At the time, Bandai Namco was toying with the notion and there wasn’t a definite answer. But now they’ve officially announced that Code Vein will indeed have online co-op. Yes, friends, Bandai Namco was listening to our pleas.

Once again, similar to how Dark Souls works, players will be able to join and summon other players. They’ll be able to communicate via gestures, stamps and even voice commands, to help promote teamwork. No word on how many people will be able to group up at a time. I’m more curious on if your AI teammate will disappear if someone gets summoned to your game. Especially since she’ll be providing backup and support. We’ve reached out to Bandai Namco for more information on this.

Two new characters have also been introduced; Karen and Cruz. Karen happens to be the older sister of Louis, who is one of the Revenant leaders. She was brought back to life and now provides support to Revenants where needed. Cruz, on the other hand, is a character who has withstood horrific experiments in an attempt to save mankind. Apparently, she possesses some destructive power. I wonder what her role is in Code Vein.

Enjoy these new screenshots that were released today as well.


Code Vein will be released sometime during 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).