Should Code Vein Feature Multiplayer Gameplay?

Code Vein

I recently saw several comments about Bandai Namco thinking about incorporating some sort of multiplayer for their upcoming title, Code Vein. Mind you, this game is basically their attempt to create the Dark Souls formula. Ever since Fromsoftware stated that Dark Souls 3 was the end of the series (NO!!!!), I wager this is Bandai’s chance to try put forth a series that can replace the now finished Dark Souls.  Of course, it’s a logical choice and one I understand, but let’s be real – there is no substitute for Dark Souls. 

Now, that said, this title has definitely has caught my eye. Sure, it’s a bit too much anime for me, but I’m liking what I’m seeing. Still, there’s one thing that has bugged me about the game. That being the lack of co-op and multiplayer. As a Dark Souls player and one who has over 2000 hours spread across all of the titles and on every platform, this bothers me. The multiplayer is a fantastic element of the game.

The game already features an AI controlled character that accompanies you in the game. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to have that character have the ability to be controlled by a second player. Of course, that would need some sort of split-screen or network functionality to pull off. Per Keita Iizuka, the producer attached to this title, multiplayer is being looked at.

 “Yes, we are now thinking of the multiplayer support.” “But we cannot tell about details on this part. However, we really focus on the buddy system in this game so with this idea we negotiating and discussing with the development team to install a multiplayer support system.”

There’s nothing better than having someone jump into your game and help you through the perilous world. Sessions of joyful cooperative are the stuff of legend, something one worth their salt would tell you. Of course, there are those pesky invaders that tend to ruin your game but that’s also fun at times. Multiplayer also extends your time with Dark Souls. Even today, there are players that do nothing but PVP – I met up with a few of them who were nearly max level.

I enjoy the multiplayer aspect very much. So much that when I play a game that is very close to emulating the Dark Souls formula but doesn’t include multiplayer – it saddens me. I’m looking at you The Surge! So yes, I’d love if Code Vein included some sort of multiplayer aspect. But not some generic tacked on garbage, no thanks. We’ve seen games like this and between me and you, they can leave that alone. Multiplayer, for me, has to corporate the entire game. Not limited to just a handful of areas, or limited to classes, weapons or what have you. Hell, I don’t even need PVP. Just a way for me and another player to tackle the game together. Taking down bosses, exploring new areas, or just hanging out. That would be pretty damned cool, wouldn’t it?

Could it happen? Your guess is as good as mine. While Code Vein is set to be released in 2018, there isn’t an exact release date. It would be sometime in Spring, or Summer. For all we know, it could be Fall 2018 – planned or otherwise. I for one hope that we do see some sort of multiplayer added to the game. Even if it’s just one extra person who accompanies you for the ride. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Code Vein releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, in 2018. 

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