Let’s face it, the Nintendo Switch didn’t just kill it with the console itself, it rocked just as hard with the software that it got. 8 out of the first 10 months featured a major 1st party game, with the other 2 having major 3rd party titles like Ultra Street Fighter II, Doom, Skyrim, and Disgaea 5: Complete Edition. In December, the big release was none other than Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the third RPG entry in the Monolith Soft series. Many wondered how it would do on the Switch, and now we have part of the answer.

VGChartz has calculated the sales of games sold between November 26th-December 2nd. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 released on December 1st, and according to them, the game sold 430,000 units worldwide. That’s pretty good for two days. Now, yes, it’s not Super Mario Odyssey numbers (which is nearing 5 million worldwide!) but it’s still dang good.

What’s more, VGChartz notes this is “retail” sales, so digital may not figure into it. Add to that, that’s the first two days, the game has been out for well over a month now, and with the holiday and other factors, the game could be well on its way to 1 million sold.

I reviewed Xenobalde Chronicles 2, and gave it a 4.5/5, and also saying things like this is one of my favorite Nintendo Switch games. So, if you haven’t gotten it yet…you might want to change that.

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