A Week of Upsets

This past week the Overwatch League was filled with some of the best play we’ve seen in the league so far.  There were upsets across the board as the top three teams, London, Seoul, and New York, all picked up their first loss.  It wasn’t all bad news though.  The Dallas Fuel finally got their first win against the Shock while the Uprising beat the Spitfire to show that they are still a serious competitor.  As we move into week four the action is only going to get better.  Many of the players and teams in the league are rising to meet the competition and each series becomes more exciting than the last.  



Profit Finned

When it rains it pours.  Another fine was issued by the league last week.  This time the lucky recipient was Jun-Young “Profit” Park of the London Spitfire.  According to the announcement from the League Profit “made an obscene gesture on camera during a match, violating the Overwatch League’s Official Rules.”  The player was finned $1,000.   


Dallas Fuel to pick up aKm

Mike Rufail, the Owner of the Dallas Fuel, announced in a tweet on Saturday that the team was “finalizing negations” to sign Dylan ‘aKm’ Bignet.  aKm is a former DPS player from the team Rouge.  Rouge was famously one of the rosters expected to be brought into the OWL.  Though some Rouge players were picked up by a team, aKm was one of several exceptionally talented players who wasn’t.  With the Fuel struggling to survive so far in the league, adding some new talent can only help.  


VOD of the Week

Los Angeles Gladiators (2-4) vs. Los Angeles Valiant (4-2)

Some of the best Overwatch that has ever been played happened in week three.  With all of the previously undefeated teams picking up their first loss this week each of those are series are worth watching.  That said, last Wednesdays battle of Los Angeles was one for the history books.  The Gladiators took an early lead in the series but the Valiant would go on to win in spectacular fashion in an incredibly close fifth map.  This series was not only the best fight yet in the Overwatch League, it might be the best in the history of competitive Overwatch.  


Series of the Week

Houston Outlaws (4-2) vs. Seoul Dynasty(5-1)

After their win last week over the Gladiators the Outlaws moved into the number four position on the table.   A big factor in this position is that they are on a 16 map win streak.  Houston has not given up a map since their losses in week one.  This is an insane streak but the Outlaws have been playing mostly at the bottom of the pack.  This match will be the true test for the green wall.  Despite their loss last week the Dynasty are still the top team in the league.  They will easily be the toughest opponent that Houston has faced, and one that is looking to maintain its position.  Will Houston pick up their biggest win, or will the Korean team assert their place at the top.  We’ll find out Friday.  


The Overwatch league runs every week, Wednesday through Saturday.  For broadcast times, information on the teams, and standings visit the Official Website.  

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