New Dragon’s Crown Pro Shows Off Some Glorious Co-op Action

Let’s face it, going along in games isn’t always that much fun. And Co-op games, where you’re knee deep in battle is where it’s at. Atlus knows this and has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming title, Dragon’s Crown Pro. To remind us of what’s really important – kicking ass with friends/family. 

This new trailer gives both those familair with the original game and newcomers, a glimpse into what’s in store. Grab three people, for some local or online co-op and battle through the kingdom of Hydeland. Oh, it’s going to be glorious fun, all over again. 

I have my preorder in, as I wanted that sweet looking steelbook case. Want one? Then be sure to preorder the Dragon’s Crown Pro ‘Battle-hardened Edition’. which includes the steebook case, 7 skill cards and the game. C’mon, you know what you this.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an enhanced remake of the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita classic title. Featuring 4K visuals, a fully orchestrated score, as well as cross-play and cross-save support for the last generation title. 

Dragon’s Crown Pro will be available physically and digitally on the PS4 and PS4 Pro in Spring 2018.