Margaret Atwood’s works have always been highly regarded, but now that The Handmaid’s Tale adaptation has gotten a lot of praise, others are ready to try and make their big award-worthy versions. Next of her works to get the silver screen treatment will be her MaddAddams trilogy: Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood, and MadAddam

The show will be developed by Anonymous Content, Rock Paper Scissors, and Paramount Television, with Anonymous Content’s David Kanter and Bard Dorros will executive produce along with Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment’s Angus Wall, Linda Carlson and Kent Kubena.

“I am very happy with the vision described to me by Angus, Kent, David, Bard and Amy, as well as the stunning visual presentation they put together. I very much look forward to working with them,” said Atwood.

“Margaret Atwood’s unique and singular literary voice speaks to the greater issues facing our current climate and resonates with fans worldwide; the MaddAddam Trilogy is no exception,” said Amy Powell, President of Paramount TV. “These stories are perfectly suited for portrayal on television and we are thrilled to once again bring a literary masterpiece to life with our partners at Anonymous Content, Angus Wall and Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment.”

The story follows a small group of characters just before and after the end of humanity, first following Jimmy/Snowman before switching perspectives to focus on Zeb and Toby, two humans who struggle to survive in the wake of a pandemic. 

There’s no word when this show would start up, nor how the three books would be represented. Still for those fans of Atwood, it’ll be exciting to see yet another exciting dystopian universe on our television screens. 

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