Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Big Anniversary Plans

The one year anniversary of gacha games tend to be big occasions, and Fire Emblem Heroes will be no exception. A calendar detailing several events, both in-game and online, released yesterday and players have a lot to look forward to.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Several log-in bonuses are on the way, and players will certainly need them with all the new banners headed their way. It is unclear how many orbs players will be able to collect by simply logging in each day. New special maps are on the way as well, offering even more chances to gather orbs for the new focus banners to come.

On Jan. 24, when the World of Dawn banner ends, a new Sacred Stones banner is likely to arrive. The Grand Hero Battle on the 25th features Lyon, the game’s antagonist, so players should expect to see several other members of Ephraim and Eirika’s army. Even if those units are some of your favorites, it would be prudent to wait until January 30th to start spending those orbs. A Legendary Summoning event, featuring higher 5 star hero rates and incredibly strong units, begins then. 

A few smaller events have already begun as well, aimed at drawing in new players and bringing back veterans who have walked away from the game for a while. The Starter Support package is available for purchase for $3.99 and it includes 12 orbs, 12 Light’s Blessings, 12 Stamina Potions, and a 5 Star Black Knight. Generally it costs $5 for 10 orbs alone, so players can get a whole lot more for less while this offer is available. It can only be bought once, however. Although the name makes it sound like only new players can buy this package, it is available to all players.

Players who haven’t logged into Fire Emblem Heroes for over 30 days will receive a welcome back bonus from Sharena. She’ll give you 20 orbs, enough for a round of summoning.

Choose Your Legends: Round 2 also isn’t mentioned on this graphic, but it might be the most important part of the anniversary celebration. Before Fire Emblem Heroes launched last February, Intelligent Systems ran a poll called Choose Your Legends that let players vote for their most popular characters. The winners were featured in September in a massive Choose Your Legends summoning event. Lyn, Ike, Roy, and Lucina were each given a new weapon, incredible stats, and a story chapter. 

While it has not been confirmed, one would have to assume that those four heroes will be excluded from this event. They’d likely win again if not. Regardless, on Jan. 21 a new Choose Your Legends website will go live and allow players to vote for their favorites. 

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