Disgaea 5 Sells 200,000 Copies on Switch, NIS Setting Sights on Switch for New IPS

Things are looking promising for the Disgaea series and The Switch. CEO of Nippon Ichi, Sohei Niikawa announced that Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch sold a respectable 200,0000 units worldwide since release. Niikawa also stated that NIS has plans for the Switch as one of the current systems for their new IPs  and sequels.

Also in earlier news from NIS, there will be a press event coming on February 9, 2018. This will give us a first look at what NIS is planning for this coming new year. My bets are on the eventual next Disgaea game. Perhaps more on the Makai Wars for IOS and Android? Maybe even a new series/IP that deserves the SRPG treatment? Whatever it may be, it seems that Nippon Ichi will continue to serve the niche audience. Now if they only can do something about their localization troubles…

While you’re here, please take a read of our review of Disgaea 5 Complete, which we call it the definitive version of the entry.


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