If you haven’t read already, read our review of the PS4 version of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, as this review serves to complement the original game while focusing on the difference of the Nintendo Switch version. Let it be clear, this is the same game that has been released on the PS4 back in 2015. The general content and story haven’t changed, and it doesn’t need to. This is the same ye old faithful Disgaea you know back when it first appeared on PS2. If you had not bought the original game back on the PS4, this is the version you must have if you own a Nintendo Switch. Simply,

Simply, Disgaea 5 Complete is the definitive version of an already great SRPG that the series is known for.

Title: Disgaea 5: Complete
Platform(s):Nintendo Switch
Publisher(s): NIS America 
Developer(s): Nippon Ichi Software
Release Date(s): 05/23/17  
Price: $59.99 (USD)
Well this somewhat tough, as it is hard not to repeat what has already been said when the first iteration came out. So in case for those who haven’t heard or played a Disgaea game, where in the many Netherworlds have you been? All you need to know about the Disgaea franchise is that it is bonkers, nonsensical, very anime, and over top in terms of gameplay, story and overall fun. Want to do a billion points of damage? Be over level 9,000? Throw exploding penguins just for the sick guilty pleasure? No problem! Disgaea has you covered.  The series has covered the subjects of a coming of age story, saving your family and world, questioning of your school system and friendship, and the importance of a promise unforgotten. This time around, it all about revenge and the many forms it takes.
The story is that the Lost Army, led by Demon Emperor Void Dark, has been conquering Netherworlds in the goal of realm conquest. We then get into a battle and introduced to the “Overlord of Gorgeous” Seraphina facing off an army of Lost, using an army of hopeless but famous mascots of Disgaea, Prinnies. Needless to say, never bet on the Prinnies. Then we have another protagonist coming in, Killia who casually walks in the middle of the battlefield, sits down, and eats a rice bowl. After filling up, he beats up the Lost army in one black screen. Just another day in the Disgaea Netherworld. After the battle, Seraphina scouts/forces Killia to join her to assist her goal of extracting vengeance from Void Dark under the reason of him taking away her freedom from a political marriage. All you need to know is that Seraphina is a grade A pompous demon, with stuck up Queen mentality and all. You will hear her pompous laugh “Ohohohoho~” many times in the story. This may be in your preference or your bane of existence. After being set up in Seraphina’s pocket dimension, which will serve as your hub, you’re free to take control and enact your vengeance.
I will reiterate again, Disgaea is very anime. This is only emphasized by the cast and amazing voice work that the series is known for. While I can understand the annoyance of Seraphina’s laugh and demeanor, it only serves as the charm, if stereotypical, of the ojou roles of many anime and cartoons. Kira Buckland really brings out the pompous attitude that Seraphina is. However, I really have to give it to Kaji Tang’s role of Red Magnus, the Overlord of Scorching Flame. I can’t help but be charmed by this character and how he has to emphasize his statement with “super” every chance he gets.  Other great characters is the adorable Usalia, the Toto Bunny heir with a taste for curry, riding a yellow Prinny. And Christo, who is an overlord of a certain giant Netherworld.  There are many other memorable characters that you will meet along your journey. All you need to know about the characters of Disgaea is that they will stick to your memory with their quirkiness and charm.

I like this guy.

Gameplay is the same formula that Disgaea is known for these many years. You send out your units on the field and place them in position to set off combos, defensive lines, and all the strategies that goes with the strategic RPG the genre. The stack and throw system remains unchanged, so if you want to make a tower of your units to take on your foes or to get you units farther, you a free to do so.  What sets it apart from the previous entries is that they have added a new revenge mechanic, in which if your enemies kill or damage your units, it will fill a meter and once it fill up, it will grant that character certain benefits, such as all attacks will be critical, less damage taken, as well as allow certain characters to use their unique skills, like Seraphina’s Balor Gaze .  For me, I always want to see the four-man combos that can be pulled off and the crazy animations that go along with it. Using you partner as a club, or summon a spirit bomb ala Dragon Ball

So satisfying

As usual, it is all about the strategy when it comes to Disgaea, especially when it comes to Geo Blocks, which will either aid you with benefits or hinder you with detriments. There are many times that I come across Geo Block puzzles and it will mess with my head so much that it becomes challenging and slightly frustrating. Even after you are done with the main story, there is the Item World, another main staple of Disgaea. They are not kidding when they say you can sink hundreds of hours grinding to astronomical levels and upgrading your weapons. Each item has their own world, so instead on grinding on story maps, you can go into your items and grind there. 
Should you clear set number of levels in the item world, it only serves to power up your weapons, armor and so forth.  Then there is the character customization, and by the demons lords there is A LOT. You can create your own demons to join your squad should you so choose. If you want a legion of Nekomatas or creation you elite legion of Prinnies, by all means, do so. From the Item World to character customization, to multiple endings of the game, you will sink a lot of time in any Disgaea game, should you so choose. 
Now the part that you are asking: What sets this version apart from the original of the PS4?
To be honest, not a whole much. The benefit of getting this version of the game is that it includes all released DLC in the package. If you haven’t shelled out for the DLC that was released on PS4, then this version is the one to get. This includes all DLC character class, like the fan favorite Kunoichi.  Characters that join you right from the get-go from Nippon Ichi’s other games, like The Witch and the Hundred Knight’s Metallia and Disgaea D2 Female Laharl. Needless to say, the DLC characters make the beginning of the game very easy. So if you just want to just plow through the story, you can do so with some great characters to start off. Also included is the challenge maps in which you can recruit the other protagonists of previous games, including the original Laharl. All you need to do is find the NPC that is responsible for the Special content. There you can claim your DLC. No muss or fuss about it.
So if you just want to just plow through the story, you can do so with some great characters to start off. Also included is the challenge maps in which you can recruit the other protagonists of previous games, including the original Laharl. All you need to do is find the NPC that is responsible for the Special content. There you can claim your DLC. No muss or fuss about it.
Added is also in-game achievements. Since Nintendo doesn’t have a trophy/achievement system, NIS wanted to you to know that you are doing something good. This is a good call back of PS4 trophies as they also pop up in a similar fashion. This only furthers replay value to the already hundreds of hours that you can invest in.
Lastly, the fact of the Switch’s mobility and controls. Personally, it took some time to transition from the PS4 controller to the Switch Pro Controller/Joy Cons.  Since this a grid-based SRPG, a directional pad is generally preferred. However, with the Joy Cons, there is no D-pad. And if you use the pro controller, it’s located in the lower part of your left thumb and not in the natural position. If felt unusual using a control stick to control the cursor and characters, but this comes down to preference. Also, some trouble is using the D-buttons in a combination of the Left joy-Con to control the Camera zoom. It felt somewhat alien, but I eventually adapted through trial and error. Also, you cannot play it with a single Joy Con on its side.

Due to the fact that it is now on the Switch, it really gives you no reason to stop playing this game. I have taken it to my workplace to continue on with the story, while also grinding characters when I can. I was reminded of the PSP Disgaea that was released years back. Make no mistake that this is a full-on Disgaea game. Either that you take it with you or playing it while docked, you will get your money’s worth regardless. Though it may be hard to justify buying it again if you own the original, it is still a solid title regardless. If this is your first rendezvous with Disgaea and all you have is a Switch, then, by all means, pick this version up. Disgaea 5 Complete is the version you will be happy to have in your Switch library.
*Disgaea 5 Complete was provided to us by NIS America for review purposes. For more information on how we review video games and other media/technology, please go review our Review Guideline/Scoring Policy for more info.

Your Trusty and Old Faithful Disgaea


Your Trusty and Old Faithful Disgaea

This is indeed the definitive edition of Disgaea 5. The only reason that you may not want this game is if you have already bought the original version back on the PS4 and bought the DLC’s. If this is your first Disgaea game and you own a Switch, then you will not be disappointed, From the colorful characters, funny and ridiculous dialogue, the extensive replay value and customization, you will get your moneys worth. Controls on the Joy Con and Pro Controller may take some time to get use to from the lack of a D-Pad, but you will eventually adapt.  Disgaea 5 Complete  keeps the fun and charm of the series, while making it easier for newcomers to jump in. Whether you are a first timer, or a veteran who wants to go again, know that you will have a good time in this Netherworld.


  • The Same Disgaea Formula You Know and Love
  • Replay Value for Days and Months
  • All DLC Included
  • Voice Work and Soundtrack
  • Mobility with the Switch


  • Camera Controls Takes Some Time To Get Use To
  • Not Recommend For Those Who Have the Original PS4 Version
  • The Item World’s Random Generated Levels
  • Enemy AI Still Goes After Your Weakest Members
  • Geo Blocks

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