Quentin Tarantino May Make A ‘Star Trek’ Movie With JJ Abrams

Few things seem as mismatched as Star Trek and Quentin Tarantino. One is a story about a future utopian society that’s smooth, sleek, and with minimal violence. The other is a man who took exploitation and fighting-films and made them all the more bloody and gory. Believe it or not, Tarantino’s about to body go where he’s never gone before – science-fiction.

According to Deadline, beyond working on his upcoming film about the Manson Family, Tarantino spoke to JJ Abrams about the project, which seems to have gone well. Now, the supposed plan is to assemble a writers room of to work on Tarantino’s vision and begin to put potentially together a movie. If it were to get greenlit, it would be likely that Tarantino would direct with Abrams producing.

Quentin Tarantino May Make A 'Star Trek' Movie With JJ Abrams

This may seem like an odd fit, given that Tarantino tends to work solely on original films. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t interesting in helming for a franchise. He even directed episodes of CSI and one episode of ER. He’s also openly talked about work on a James Bond film, if he could get the rights holders to allow him the creativity freedom to take it in a new, more Tarantino-esque direction.

Star Trek fans shouldn’t too excited/peeved, since there’s no telling if this idea will ever make it to the big screen. Still, given the new direction the films are going in, Tarantino’s pop-culture-obsessive lens might add something new to the slightly edgier universe. There is currently a fourth film in the new Star Trek franchise being worked on, with Chris Hemsworth returning as Kirk’s father, but there are no details as to when the film will be coming out or what it will be about. The new films have a tendency to be very different in tone from its predecessor, so we might be getting a totally new take on our favorite starship crew even before Tarantino has his turn. 

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