In the future, robots will do everything. Clean our houses, drive our cars, and write the next great young adult novel. Great is a highly subjective term here, but the new bot created chapter of Harry Potter is certainly something. Entitled Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash, the story arose when Botnik Studios plugged all seven Harry Potter novels into its predictive writer.  The result? A piece of fan fiction that looks and sounds like Harry Potter on the surface, yet decidedly isn’t upon closer inspection. And it’s absolutely worth a read. 

Check it out. There are a lot of great moments, such as Harry’s avian perception of Ron and Hermione’s dancing skills coming into question. My personal favorite moment is hands down the choosing of Hagrid’s replacement. 

Ah, I can picture all of these moments already. But thankfully, someone has taken it upon themselves to put these images down on paper. While there’s no official illustrated edition for Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash, one artist has taken up the mantle. Megan Nicole Dong’s illustrations are hysterical and spot on. One can only hope that Botnik’s predictive writer continues to write this harrowing installment in the Harry Potter saga and that Megan Nicole Dong keeps up with the corresponding images. 

Two new Harry Potter games getting announced and now this? It truly is a great time to be a Harry Potter fan. 

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Andrew Agress

Andrew comes from the majestic land of New Jersey (the part that doesn't smell). A big fan of sketch comedy, he writes and performs it whenever possible. He gets his powers from listening to indie folk music and drinking aloe water.