Overwatch League Teams Rundown

The final Overwatch league team names have been announced.  12 teams from across the world will make up the first season of the Overwatch League. But just who are these teams you ask?  Which one is backed by my favorite esports team?  Fear not, TheOuterHaven has prepared this handy guide for you to reference throughout the season.

The twelve teams for the inaugural season are grouped into two divisions of six teams each.  Rather than simply West and East, the two divisions are called Pacific and Atlantic.  Fitting for an international league such as this.

Let’s check them out!

Pacific Division

The Shanghai Dragons

City: Shanghai
Colors: Red, Black, Yellow
Owner: NetEase
Twitter: @ShanghaiDragons

The only team in China, and the first team name to be announced, the Shanghai Dragons will represent that nation on the virtual battlefields of tomorrow.  In their official press release the team states that in the inaugural season they, “will work to ensure a great esports experience for audiences and promote Chinese esports culture and talent on the world stage.”  The Chinese national team attended Blizzcon as part of the top eight at the Overwatch World Cup this last weekend. 


Seoul Dynasty

City: Seoul
Colors: Black, Gold
Owner: KSV eSports International
Twitter: @SeoulDynasty

The only Korean team in the inaugural season, the Seoul Dynasty are on everyone’s radar.  In their press release the team owner Kevin Chou said, “Seoul is the birthplace of modern-day esports and holds a significant place in history,” He went onto reference the great things expected by the Korean team saying, “We have a tremendous responsibility to represent the best of Seoul on a global stage.”  Earlier this week the South Korean national team defended their place at the top by winning the Overwatch World Cup for the second year in a row.  With that victory under their belt nationally, it’s safe to say that everyone will be watching the Dynasty this season. 


Los Angeles Valiant

City: Los Angeles
Colors: Green, Gold
Owner: Immortals
Twitter: @LAValiant

The first of two LA teams and the only one to be backed by the already Los Angeles based esports team Immortals.  The Los Angeles Valiant Logo features a gold winged helmet with a stylized V.  The logo stands on it’s own but also subtly references the Immortals.  Immortals President and COO Ari Segal said in a press release that, “As an organization, we’re laser-focused on our founding principles, core values, and commitment to be the most accessible, authentic, and transparent organization in esports,” Segal went on to say that “We are absolutely competing for championships; at the same time, we’re competing to create the most unique, compelling and differentiated live entertainment experience in this marketplace. Our fans will be key pieces of
both journeys.” 


Los Angeles Gladiators

City: Los Angeles
Colors: Purple and White
Owner: Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
Twitter: @LAGladiators

The second team to represent the city of Angles the LA Gladiators share an owner with the Los Angeles Rams NFL team.  In their official press release the co-founder of KSE esports Josh Kroenke had praise for the city  saying  “Los Angeles is not only the sports and entertainment capital of the world, but it’s also becoming one of the great tech corridors,”  He went on to say, “That’s why we think this is the perfect city to launch our esports business and the LA Gladiators. The growing global popularity of Overwatch and the unparalleled history of Blizzard will allow us to connect with gamers throughout the world. We look forward to the upcoming season and introducing new fans to the esports phenomenon.”    


San Francisco Shock

City: San Francisco
Colors: Orange, Grey, Gold
Owner: NRG Esports
Twitter: @SFShock

Based in San Francisco already, NRG and its fans are a perfect fit for the new Overwatch League.  According to the team’s press release the name and logo of the new team represent the gold rush heritage of the area, the seismic activity of the region, and the Bay Bridge.  Brett Lautenbach said in the release “We are excited to build the definitive esports experience for our hometown fans in San Francisco with live matches, amateur events, and gaming lifestyle experiences.”


Dallas Fuel

City: Dallas
Colors: Blue, Grey, Black
Owner: Team Envy and Hersh Interactive Group
Twitter: @DallasFuel

Team Envy can trace it’s origins back ten years to their founding as a Call of Duty team.  Since then they have only grown in size and skill.  It’s no wonder then that their Overwatch players were making waves in the Overwatch Contenders matches.  The boys in blue are now coming to a new team, the Dallas fuel.  Sporting a blue flame symbolic both of the Dallas area’s contributions in the energy sector and their partners at Hersh Interactive group.  Mike Rufail, the  CEO of Team Envy said in a press release that “Bringing an Overwatch League franchise to Dallas with the Dallas Fuel is just the beginning,” He went on to say that, “We plan to make the area a hub for esports culture and fandom—with professional teams, an arena for thousands of cheering fans to watch live competitions, training centers and

The Dallas fuel are setting a high bar for themselves, but given Envy’s track record, anything is possible. Time will tell if this flame is a fire, or just a spark.   


Atlantic Division

Boston Uprising

City: Boston
Colors: Yellow, Blue, Black
Owner: Robert and Jonathan Kraft, The Kraft Group
Twitter: @BostonUprising

In a press release announcing the team name earlier this year Robert Kraft said, “We look forward to introducing sports fans in Boston to the new Overwatch League with a local team they can support.”  The press release also gave some details about the team name citing the revolutionary past of the area going on to state that the blue and yellow of the teams colors will represent their city’s official flag.  The Kraft Group also owns the New England Revolution MLS team and the New England Patriots NFL team.  


Florida Mayhem

City: Florida (Miami/Orlando)
Colors: Yellow, Red, Black
Owner: Misfits Gaming, CEO Ben Spoont
Twitter: @FLMayhem

Misfits need no introduction in the esports world.  The organization has teams in League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and of course Overwatch.  Already partners with the Miami Heat and formed by Miami Native Ben Spoont, Misfits seems the natural choice for a Florida based team.  Spoont said in the team’s press release that “Florida is an ebullient state full of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking people, values we share as a local company.” And that “ We aim to make Florida proud with our explosive (pun intended) playstyle!”  Only time will tell if the Mayhem will blow up the competition, or explode themselves. 


Houston Outlaws

City: Houston
Colors: Black, Green
Owner: OpTic Gaming
Twitter: @OutlawsOW

The perfect name for the second team out of Texas.  The Houston Outlaws also have one of the more interesting logos.  Their brand features a star as well as twin revolvers placed to form a cattle skull.  These things scream the team’s home in the Lone Star State.  Just as important in the logo is the color green on it.  It’s in the same shade as that of their owner OpTic Gaming.  In their press release OpTic Gaming CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez said, “We’re excited for the Houston Outlaws to join the Green Wall family,” OpTic Gaming is a successful esports brand with teams in a number of other games.  They will be bringing both experience and loud fans into the new league.   


New York Excelsior

City: New York City
Colors: Blue, Dark Blue, Red
Owner: Sterling VC
Twitter: @NYXL

Also using the abbreviation NYXL the New York City Overwatch league team gets it’s name from more than their state motto.  Latin for ‘Ever Upward’ the team press release said that “Excelsior” represents the extreme scale and boundless ambition of the city, and the passionate drive of a team committed to reaching the top and never letting up. Excelsior represents the heroic optimism and positivity of Overwatch, a game that empowers everyone to become a hero.”  Strong words, and they will be backed by a strong team which includes players from the South Korean APEX tournament Series.  Upwards or not, New York will be a team to keep an eye on all season. 


Philadelphia Fusion

City: Philadelphia
Colors: Orange, black
Owner: Comcast Spectacor
Twitter: @PHL_Fusion

The city of brotherly love adds another sports team to the list of those representing one of the oldest American cities.  This newest sports franchise is also one whose owners are no strangers to the world of sports.  Comcast Spectacor also owns the Philadelphia Flyers.  According to the teams press release their CEO Dave Scott said of the new brand, “Orange and black are colors of passion here in Philadelphia, and we are proud to incorporate them as we continue to formulate our coaching staff and roster of players.”  


London Spitfire  

City: London
Colors: light blue, Dark Blue, Orange. 
Owner: Cloud9
Twitter: @Spitfire

One of the three teams from outside North America and the only European team in the league the London Spitfire are owned by veteran gaming organization Cloud9.  The name Spitfire and plane on the logo come from the Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane used by the British in world war two.  In the team’s official press release Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London praised the games and esports industries of the city and wished the team well saying, “Good luck to all those representing the capital on the London Spitfire team in the Overwatch League.”  With Cloud9 pulling the strings, the Spitfire will be a team to watch. 

The action kicks off with Preseason play on December 6th and regular play on January 10th.  The season will run January to June and playoffs will be in July.   The teams are set, all that’s left is for you to do is pick a team. 

Who are you going to cheer for?