Deck13 And The Surge Win Several Awards At The German Developer Awards

I’m happy to announce that a certain development studio and game have won several awards at the German Developer Awards. Those being Deck13 Interactive and The Surge! They managed to rack up awards for Best Graphics, Best PC & Console Game, and Best German Game – three awards in total!

Huge congrats to Deck13 Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, they’ve come a long way. From their first Action RPG attempt with Lords of the Fallen to their most recent, The Surge. One of my favorite games, sleep hit of 2017 and a vast improvement over their previous game. 

If you haven’t checked out The Surge yet or aren’t sure about it, be sure to check out our reviews. We’ve reviewed the original game, as well as the recent DLC for it ‘A Walk In The Park‘.

Now, Deck13, about that follow-up to The Surge. There’s one coming, right? RIGHT?

The Surge is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.