Let us say for the record that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an absolutely incredible game. It’s open world, numerous quests, ability to go just about everywhere, and the characters that filled the world made it a Legend of Zelda game that will transcend generations. As if you need proof of this, the title is nominated for numerous Game of the Year awards. And won that at The Game Awards recently. But, there is one crucial…undeniable…flaw that the game has.

YOU. CAN’T. PET. THE. DOGS!!!! We wouldn’t have minded if there weren’t dogs in the game, but they were there! And we couldn’t pet them! The best we could do was look at them as they longingly wanted to be petted! WHY NINTENDO!!?!?!? Well, we got our answer finally, and it’s not one that you might expect.

“In the game it seems like you can do anything, but what it really is are all these interlocking systems where you actually have a pretty limited number of actions that can do a ton of different things,” game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi told IGN. “So if it came down to something like petting a dog, we would actually have to put in a custom action just for petting a dog that couldn’t really be used for anything else.”

This is actually a fascinating look at the game design process. For while it may seem “easy” to just put in a new mechanic, it didn’t fit the philosophy that Breath of the Wild had built in. But, now that they know we WANT such a mechanic, they will have to put it into the next Legend of Zelda game! BOOK IT!

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